Lincoln is home to wineries, a variety of waterfront pursuits and the world’s most delicious fruits and vegetables. This agricultural centre is connected by way of the Queen Elizabeth Highway (QEW) and is a great choice for families with its affordable housing costs.

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Small town and rural

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Beamsville, Jordan, Vineland, Campden, Tintern, Rockway

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Elementary: 3 public, 3 Catholic Secondary: 1 public

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Highway Access:

Queen Elizabeth (QEW)

Public Transit:

uLinc bus service

Public and Recreational Facilities:

2 arenas; 2 outdoor pools; 2 community centres, library (2 branches)

Key Features:

Home to over 50 wineries; natural features of Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario; culinary hotspot; many tender fruit farms and vineyards; heritage sites.