Niagara Health is a multi-site hospital that provides Acute Care, Cancer Care, Cardiac Care, Complex Care, Emergency and Urgent Care, Kidney Care, Long-Term Care, Mental Health and Addictions, Stroke Care and Surgical Care. The six sites are Douglas Memorial Site (Fort Erie), Greater Niagara General Site (Niagara Falls), Port Colborne Site, St. Catharines Site, Welland Site and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital (Grimsby).

Finding a Doctor

Visit for a list of family physicians in Niagara who are currently accepting new patients and a list of walk-in clinics that provide medical services for people who require prompt care and don’t have a family doctor.

Policing and Emergency Services

Niagara Canada is in the top 10 for the lowest crime rate of Canada’s metropolitan areas, and is getting safer, with a 39% reduction in crime between 2011-2016. Emergency services are provided by a number of fire departments, many with a combination of full-time (urban areas) and volunteer firefighters (rural areas), the Niagara Regional Police Service and the paramedics of Niagara Emergency Medical Services. Emergency services are available throughout the region by dialling 911.

Senior Care

In Niagara Canada, seniors can obtain assisted living support or access long-term care facilities in their own town and city. Respite and convalescent care, dementia services and community programs are also offered in the region through Senior Services.