The Niagara Local Immigration Partnership

In 2008, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada, provided funding to establish Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) to better identify local newcomer population needs and service gaps, enhance local capacity and create stronger welcoming communities for newcomers.

The LIPs are community-based partnerships that aim to:

  • Foster local engagement of service providers and other institutions in the newcomers’ integration process
  • Support community-based knowledge-sharing and local strategic planning and
  • Improve coordination of services that facilitate immigrant settlement and integration

As one of the first communities to receive funding, Niagara was successful in the development and implementation of various initiatives, putting steps into place for ensuring continued growth and sustainability of the project. By collaborating with local partners, Niagara LIP leads initiatives for the successful integration of newcomers to Niagara and the creation of a welcoming community.

Niagara LIP objectives:

  • To create a culture of inclusion
  • To liaise and consult with labour market networks and improve outcomes for newcomers residing in Niagara
  • To attract and retain newcomers to Niagara
  • To enhance Niagara’s settlement capacity, establishing linkages with other community planning initiatives

What does Niagara LIP do?

  • Conducts research and data analysis on the needs of newcomers including identifying community assets and gaps
  • Facilitates community partnerships to coordinate and enhance delivery of services to newcomers
  • Organizes and leads partnership council and working groups while liaising with partnership members
  • Promotes LIP goals and objectives
  • Holds public forums to raise awareness of LIP’s work and build capacity

The Niagara LIP team includes:

Melissa Austin, Project Manager

Lisa Garlent, Project Coordinator

Amy Andrews, Project Researcher



2019 Spring Newsletter Vol 5 Issue 1